Employee Engagement & Retention

25/06/2019 to 27/06/2019, Doha

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Employee Engagement & Retention

Employee engagement & retention is not a single, one-shot solution. It is a holistic approach to talent management throughout the whole employment life-cycle from start to finish. It starts with understanding why an employee joins the organisation and what you can offer them and ensuring that your recruitment and selection process is robust enough to make sure that the right person is recruited for the right job. Creating a positive working environment with motivated and engaged employees is not about simply offering a higher salary or creating a new process; it is about bringing about a cultural shift in the organisation as a whole, integrating effective talent management into the everyday tasks and roles of every manager across every department. When talent management is part of your organisation’s DNA, it facilitates Managers to do their jobs better and easier; is what makes your organisation a great place to work; it attracts the best talent to your organisation and it makes employees more productive and engaged. It is a systematic culture of talent management that is embedded within organisational culture to help Managers develop and motivate their teams to deliver better services, improve business results and profits.

The need for an employer to focus more on employee retention is increasing in these days of shrinking budgets and competitive business environments. Businesses are driven by profits and HR should support that drive. In today’s economy, the talent management function needs to add value, increase revenues and help in cutting costs; that means targeting, attracting and recruiting the best possible talent and then nurturing, developing and retaining that talent to allow employees to reach their full potential. Talent management is about enabling employees to be productive and efficient, which requires HR initiatives that are integrated and embedded within the normal business activity; not as a process or a form-filling exercise, but as a cultural shift towards creating an engaged working environment of needs targeted development, employee growth and a performance management culture that identifies, rewards and retains its top talent.

This course is learner centric and focusses on practical skills. It is activity-based, with each training session offering a range of activities designed to engage and involve delegates in the learning process. Following adult learning theory, each module allows participants to explore, analyse and assess the issues and explore and evaluate possible solutions. The workshop has been designed to accommodate different learning preferences so that activists, theorists, pragmatists and reflectors can all benefit from the learning experience. The facilitators encourage open learning and discussion, passing on not only their own extensive experience but encouraging learning through sharing the knowledge and experience of the delegates. The course contains a wealth of practical examples and case studies as well as some simple tools and techniques that delegates can apply readily within their own organisation.

Who Should Attend?

  • All HR professionals, trainers & talent development professionals looking to build their knowledge and skills to enhance their contribution to the organisation
  • Managers and Department Heads looking to enhance their management skill-set and bring the elements of global best practise in talent management, development and retention into their teams and the organisation as a whole
  • Learn the elements of employee engagement & retention best practice and discover how to bring these to your organisation
  • Explore how a retention strategy can take a more commercial perspective, with a clearer understanding of ROI and adding value
  • Explore the impact of recruitment on future retention
  • Ensure your recruitment skills to ensure you recruit the right person for the right job
  • Clarify the role and impact of the manager in recruitment and long-term engagement & retention
  • Identify key areas where effective retention & engagement initiatives can reduce costs and add value to your organisation
  • Explore case studies, identifying elements of best practise in recruitment, performance management, retention strategies & talent development initiatives
  • Evaluate & assess the elements of best practise that would benefit your organisation & identify those areas where you will need to change, modify or adapt
  • Ensure employee career growth and promotion is linked to job performance and desired competency-based behaviours
  • Learn how to assess ROI and effectiveness of training, development and career planning initiatives
  • Be able to identify & select appropriate learning methodologies to build competencies, knowledge and skills
  • Learn how to ensure that performance management is integrated to succession planning and a wider employee retention strategy.
  • Create an measurable action plan to implement the workshop learning and bring world-class retention & engagement initiatives to your organisation


If you have a group of six or more, then we can design a bespoke programme to meet your business needs, including a session’s pack with examples, models, user-driven content and custom case studies to suit your business objectives.


Doha, Qatar

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